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Our Services

 At Lisa's Acupuncture Clinic, we take care to provide our      customers high quality services personalized for their unique  needs. We are available 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, 6 days a week.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

​  Pain Management
 ​ Basic Acupuncture Session. Treatment for joints/muscles aches   and pain specialy for carpal tunnel, neck & shoulders.
​  $80/session
  Yin-Yang Therapeutic Body Massage
  Couple with pain management acupuncture.

  Weight Watch 
  Acupuncture for weight management. This treatment helps 
  you to loss weight, keeping healthy diet.
​  $95/session

  Stroke Recovery :
  Acupuncture treatment to recover motor sensory, regain             movement control, muscle strength.
​  $125/session

​  Cosmetic Acupuncture For Beauty:
  Acupuncture to reduce wrinkles, enhance beauty and preserve   a youthful appearance. 

  Mini Facial Treatment
  Couple with comsmetic acupuncture for reduce   

  Tui-Na Body Massage

  Five Elements Body Massage
Acupuncture used in Tennis Elbow and Arm Pain Treatment
Chinese traditional Cupping and Scratching for Detoxing Treatment
Jiu Gong style acupuncture used in Headache treatment and Stomach Pain or Discomfort treatment
Jiu Gong style acupuncture used in Headache Treatment and Liver Detox Treatment
Samples of the acupuncture points on human head and ear